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Rich, defined sounds start with a clean, static-free vinyl record.

Whether you are a casual collector or a hardcore audiophile, it is important to know the importance of cleanliness on both used and new records.


Records are statically charged

Almost every new record is positively charged with static electricity when it is removed from its inner sleeve.

Static electricity is annoying because it attracts dust and airborne particles, leading to poor sound quality and the need to clean the record.

A single piece of debris that is attracted to the record could ruin it before you can put the stylus down.

Records are almost never clean when you buy them

New or used records are always contaminated with dust, debris, dirt and other agents used during the production process.

Sometimes new vinyl is treated with a release agent, which can damage the stylus of your turntable and reduce the sound quality.

Get the longest possible life of your vinyl

Records that are regularly cleaned not only sound better, they also last much longer. Playing dirty records can cause permanent damage to the vinyl itself!

Keeping your records clean is important whether your vinyl records are new prints or rare records.

Because the stylus follows the grooves on the surface of your record, the pressure it exerts on the surface creates heat, which causes dirt particles to melt into the vinyl.

Remember that the reproduction process is not easy for vinyl, and it is even more difficult for dirty and dusty vinyl!

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