Divinyl Lp Cleaner is a balanced compound made up of deionized water, polymers, isopropyl alcohol, antistatic agents and nonionic surfactants.

Its texture (similar to a gel) allows an easy and quick application and, once dry, forms a film which is able to retain all the contaminants stuck in the microgrooves, drastically enhancing the sound quality of even the dirtiest record. No more pops or crackles, just a clean bright sound.

Unlike vinyl or wood glue, Divinyl Lp Cleaner can be easily applied and removed as a continuous film, leaving no residue onto the surface of the LP. Divinyl Lp Cleaner performs a chemical and mechanical cleaning action (2 in 1) in just one product.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner only contains raw materials that are completely safe on vinyl records, maximising contact time of the cleaning agents on the surface and enhancing the overall quality of the cleaning process.

(*) Do not use on shellac records

Main Features

  • Specifically conceived for the cleaning of vinyl records*
  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning in one product
  • Removes pops and crackles caused by dust and grime
  • Keeps the stylus clean
  • Safe on the vinyl’s delicate surface
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Leaves no stains or residue
  • Contaminants remain attached to the polymeric film
  • Dissipates electrostatic charge
  • Eliminates mould and prevents its formation

(*) do not use on shellac records

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How It Works

Divinyl LP Cleaner is a viscous polymeric compound that’s easy to apply; Just pour a small amount onto the record (avoiding the label) and, using a small card, simply spread the product in a circular motion until a homogenous layer is formed.

Drying time varies according to room temperature, ventilation and humidity; On average, 4-8 hours in temperatures comprised between 19 and 21 C°.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner cannot remove or repair scratches that have damaged the grooves of the record. In some cases records in poor or average condition may suffer from embedded in particles that may be difficult, if not impossible, to remove completely, therefore some clicks and pops may still be audible.

Don’t remove until completely dry.

To remove, gently peel the film from the record starting from the outer edge.

Your record is ready! All the material that was once stuck on its surface is now attached to the polymeric film leaving the microgrooves clean as never before! Enjoy your favourite record and rediscover those frequencies that had gotten lost under years of tough-to-remove dirt! Good listening!

Please remember that recording quality has a huge impact on sound. Old records in particular might have a natural hiss which is impossible to eliminate. It’s part of them!

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