Is Divinyl Lp Cleaner harmful for my records?

No, Divinyl Lp Cleaner only consist of raw materials that are completely safe on the vinyl’s delicate surface. Your record is in safe hands!

Why shouldn’t I use PVA glue?

PVA glue is designed to bind to the surfaces it is applied to, and was not specifically conceived to clean records. It therefore only performs the mechanical function of peeling.

PVA glue is hard to remove and often doesn’t peel away cleanly from the vinyl surface. Tiny, brittle fragments of the dried fil can break away and get stuck in the grooves of the records.

PVA glue is not water soluble – Divinyl Lp Cleaner is!

When PVA glue is applied to a vinyl record and left to dry, it then needs to be forcefully peeled from the surface.  Separating the dried layer creates an enormous static charge which gets absorbed by the surface of the vinyl record… Divinyl LP Cleaner contains antistatic agent tha solves this problem.

The Drying time is too long. Why not a fast drying product?

A longer drying time means more contact time with the surface, ensuring a deeper cleaning action.

Fast drying products usually contain solvents that might be too aggressive and permanently damage the record.

How can I improve drying times?

For faster drying, ensure that there is adequate room ventilation.

How many records can I clean with one bottle?

Applied in the right amount, it is possible to clean up to 11 records (A&B side) with a single bottle (200 gr.)

May I use Divinyl Lp Cleaner on shellac records?

Divinyl LP Cleaner contains a small amount of isopropyl alcohol that might ruin shellac records, so the answer is no!

Is there any Material Safety Data Sheet available?

Of course, we care about our customer’s health and we want you to be informed! Just send us an email and we will forward it to you!

I want to distribute your product, what should I do?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you!

Have Questions?

For further information or any queries you might have about the product and its use, don’t esitate to contact us.