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Divinyl Lp Cleaner is a new polymeric product specifically conceived for the deep cleaning of vinyl records; It removes dust and grime embedded in the microgrooves, leaving the record in pristine conditions.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner is a balanced compound comprised of deionized water, polymers, isopropyl alcohol, antistatic agents and nonionic surfactants.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner, unlike vinyl or wood glue, can be easily applied and removed as a continuous film, leaving no residue onto the surface.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner performs a mechanical and chemical cleaning action without damaging the delicate vinyl’s surface.

Divinyl Lp Cleaner only contains raw materials that are completely safe on vinyl records, allowing for extended contact time of the cleaning agent on LP, enhancing overall quality of the cleaning process.

  • Especially designed and formulated for cleaning vinyl records
  • 2 in 1 cleaning (chemical and mechanical)
  • Drastically increases sound quality by lowering the rustling in the background/background noise.
  • Avoids accumulation of dirt on the turntable head
  • It does not alter or damage the surface of the disc in any way
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Increases contact times of cleaning agents on the disk, ensuring deep cleaning.
  • Easily removable as a continuous film
  • Leaves behind no residue
  • Holds dirt in the film
  • Dissipates electrostatic charges
  • It kills the molds present and avoids their formation

*(Divinyl LP Cleaner can NOT be used on shellac records)


Divinyl LP Cleaner


Ready to use and easy to apply


Divinyl Lp Cleaner’s viscosity ensures an homogeneous and quick application


Removes dust and grime without damaging the vinyl’s surface.

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Divinyl LP Cleaner


Divinil LP Cleaner

Divinyl LP Cleaner

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